Project Giana Devs Return to Kickstarter With Ravensdale

Now that Project Giana has been released on PC, Xbox 360, and most recently on the PS3, it’s safe to say that the folks at Black Forest Games have earned some trust from Kickstarter backers. Now, they’ve returned with Project Ravensdale. Their page showcases an action-packed side-scrolling run and gun game akin to Metal Slug, but with the same kind of art style as Project Giana. That was one of the best-looking platformers ever, and featured a unique real-time gameplay shift that didn’t just change the graphics, but the gameplay and music as well.

Right now, the project looks solid – and that’s with it just being based on prototype materials. In Extremo is set to do the music, and their rock symphony style seems to fit the frantic pace perfectly. For a limited time, you’ll be able to help back the game and if it’s funded, get a digital copy for only $15 instead of $18. This also gives you access to a developer forum and an exclusive forum badge. For $28, you’ll get that plus a banner for your in-game character and a PDF artbook. $35 gets you all of that and an OST in MP3 and FLAC formats. $40 gets you that and closed beta access, while $65 gets a physical copy, a backer pin, and concept art prints. Beyond that, things get a bit absurd with a metal DVD case for over $100 and $1,500 gets you a lifetime digital subscription to every game BFG makes.