Steam Summer Sale Simmers in its Sixth Day

Today’s daily deals are some of the most diverse yet, with Football Manager 2013 getting a 75% discount down to $10 and The Secret World getting a 50% drop to $15. DmC: Devil May Cry gets a 50% cut to $25, while DMC 3 SE and DMC 4 are $5 each. Crysis 2: Maximum Edition is 70% off, giving you one of the best-looking FPSes ever for $9. Everything involving Alan Wake is 90% off, giving you the original game for $3, the CE for $3.50, or the CE and American Nightmare for only $4. That is without a doubt a must-buy if you missed out on its Humble Bundle sale. Rising Storm is $10, while Sleeping Dogs is $6 after a 75% off discount. That discount also applies to the metric ton of DLC, allowing you to get all of it for $13.74. Orcs Must Die 2, Mark of the Ninja, and System Shock 2 all receive 75% savings, taking the first two down to $3.74 and the latter game down to $2.50.