Diablo III Teased in “#EvilReborn” Viral Video

Sony’s marketing has come a long way for the days of crying plastic babies and has morphed into something that actually gets us talking. Whether it’s mystery giraffes or tutorials on game exchanging, we’re getting excited for PlayStation products in ways we never have before. Next from the studio is a thirty second viral video spoofing Paranormal Activity with the hastag “#EvilReborn” at the end. While this briefly made us get excited for the prospect of a new survival horror game, pausing the video at the end reveals the date “September 3, 2013”:

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 12.14.32 PM
Which is, of course, the release date for Diablo III on PS3. Still, the port of the popular game is looking pretty awesome, so it’s hard to be upset — even if they fooled us. Check it out below: