Earthbound Hits Wii U eShop For $10

It’s been 18 years since Earthbound’s scratch and sniff magazine ads disgusted many, and presumably amused a few too. In that time, the game has become the stuff of legend due to its deluxe packaging that included a full guide, and has been sold for over $100 at times. Even cart-only copies could command $50 or so. Now, those days seem to be numbered as the full game is available for a legal purchase once again thanks to the eShop program. After years of being in limbo, the franchise can now be enjoyed by people who simply couldn’t afford its high price tag, or justify spending that much on a SNES game in the modern era. For more on the series and its history, check out the feature done on The Clan of the Grey Wolf. It will educate you on everything about it and probably have you wanting to spend $10 after viewing it.