Nintendo Zone StreetPass Relay System Unveiled

During the Big N’s surprise Nintendo Direct Mini today, it was announced that the company has in the works a Nintendo Zone StreetPass Enhancement feature to assist 3DS owners in getting the most out of the somewhat under-realized system feature.

This upgrade is still a few weeks away, but will make use of the several thousand free Nintendo Zone hotspots located across North America and Europe as “StreetPass Relays.” These relays will allow players to pass a hotspot and receive a StreetPass of the last 3DS owner who walked by the spot. This feature will facilitate the typical data exchange consisting of Mii Plaza characters and puzzle pieces, in addition to any extras that StreetPass-enabled games may include.

Ultimately, the StreetPass is a great mechanic, but one that can’t be totally utilized for folks who aren’t in busy, foot-traffic heavy cities. Nintendo hopes to remedy this issue with the StreetPass Relay service. Thus, be on the lookout for it when the application goes live in just a few weeks.