OUYA Announces the Free the Games Fund

The OUYA has been out for around a month for the general public and a bit longer than that for most Kickstarter backers (not all, sadly, due to shipping issues). In that time, the system has been both loved and hated for what it offers. Now, OUYA has decided to set aside one million dollars to help bring games to the platform with the Free the Games Fund. Essentially, all a dev needs to do is include a Free the Games Fund message, sign up with campaign details with OUYA, launch their Kickstarter by August 9 this year and not only meet their funding goal, but get at least $50,000. If that happens, their Kickstarter campaign ends by August 10 of next year, and they agree to be OUYA-esclusive for six months, they’ll get 100% of the amount of money raised up to a quarter of a million dollars.

With one million dollars on the line, this seems like a risky move for an upstart company like OUYA. However, it is a way to try and get some indie devs to support the system while endgendering goodwill amongst the indie gaming community as a whole. One has to wonder just how well this strategy will turn out when Sony isĀ  making the PS4, which will certainly have a bigger userbase than the OUYA, but it’s always good to see indie game development supported and this could lead to a AAA-level indie game like Fez or Super Meat Boy hitting the system and making it a must-own. If that happens and it leads to a lot of sales, then the $1 million dollars spent on the promotion could be made back fairly quickly.