Sega Bringing 3D Classics to the 3DS

One of the coolest prospects of the 3DS was the ability to play a bunch of classic Nintendo games in one convenient handheld console. While that hasn’t exactly panned out, at least now we can play a bunch of classic Sega games in one convenient Nintendo handheld console (1990s me would explode from hearing that statement). Out for awhile in Japan, Sega has announced that Sega 3D Classics Series will be coming soon to the 3DS in North America and Europe. The series includes the following:

– 3D Altered Beast
– 3D Ecco the Dolphin
– 3D Galaxy Force II
– 3D Shinobi III
– 3D Sonic The Hedgehog
– 3D Space Harrier
– 3D Streets of Rage
– 3D Super Hang-On

Those are some quality genesis games and if the 3D classics series has proven anything, it’s that 16 bit games look darn good in 3D. No word yet on release dates or pricing, but a retail compilation or some sort of discount package sure would be swell.