Index Corp is done, Atlus to be sold off

Shin Megami Tensei IV may have had one of the most impressive RPG’s to ever grace the Nintendo 3DS, but it surely didn’t cover up the fact that it’s parent company known as Index Corporation is currently within hot water after Japanese officials revealed of their sales tampering tactics.

The water has now boiled to a head as reports have surfaced that Index Corporation has delisted their stocks and is looking to sell off at least $149 million worth of their assets.

It’s a no-brainer that Atlus is up for grabs for any big-time publishing companies that excel in delivering video games to a wide audience, the question lies in which company will take them head on. Be reminded that Atlus is responsible for a lot of anime-styled role-playing games that have had a huge hit in the States—similar to the reception that Square-Enix have received for their Final Fantasy series back in the 90’s era.

Two companies that may come to mind is Capcom and Square-Enix as both companies have a well-documented track record for spearheading both Japanese and US development teams, however their marketing and financial strategies are vastly different.

Only time will tell where Atlus stands. One thing is for sure is that after the thumbs up that they’ve received for their latest release of games, they won’t be down and out for long. Being sold off to another company is definitely going to affect how they make their games, but let’s hope that the change isn’t drastic by any means.