Power Rangers Megaforce is Go Going to the 3DS

We have an exciting announcement for those of you out there worried that the 3DS does not have enough shovelware yet. At San Diego Comic-Con, Namco Bandai confirmed that there would be a new Power Rangers Megaforce game coming to the 3DS. That’s right everyone. IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!

…do they still say that? I…I haven’t seen the show in over a decade. Is the Red Ranger still the coolest? Is the Pink Ranger still cute? Is the show still racist and color code all their rangers according to their skin color (the black guy is the Black Ranger, the guy asphyxiating is the Blue Ranger, and so on)? Regardless of what direction the series has taken, this new Power Rangers Megaforce game is slated to make an appearance on the 3DS sometime this fall.

They already released the first trailer for the game, which you can find below. So far, there hasn’t been a ton of information revealed, but from the trailer alone you can tell it’s a brawler and that you will be able to use trading cards to power up. Oh, and it looks bad. So there’s that too. Who knows though, maybe the game will surprise us and deliver a halfway decent brawler. Maybe the trailer was made to intentionally set the bar low, so when the game comes out it will shock and awe everyone. Maybe this was a fake trailer and the real trailer will be revealed next week sometime and it will be awesome. One of those or several other improbably scenarios could theoretically be true. For now though, you can at least listen to a slightly altered “Go, Go Power Rangers” theme song for some childhood nostalgia.