Steam Summer Sale Day Nine Deals

The ninth day deals are live, with Skyrim: Legendary Edition being $36 once again. Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is a mere $10, while Monaco and Civilization V are each a hair under $8. GRiD 2 is $30, while Awesomenauts is a mere $3.39. Train Simulator 2013 is $11, while Baldur’s Gate and EVE Online are just a bit under $5. Metro: Last Light’s flash sale price of $30 is back, and good for nearly two days now. Current flash sales expire in about five hours, and included Portal 2 at $5, Rayman Origins at $6.79, the new Star Trek game at $7.49, and Fable III for $5. Awesomenauts is a must-have at that price, while Rayman Origins is one of the best 2D platformers of the past five years, and is easily worth its reduced price as well. GRiD 2 and Metro: Last Light are top-shelf games, but will also probably drop in price fairly quickly, so if you’re a casual fan of those franchises, you may just want to wait until then to play them.