New Pokémon Gameplay Footage Released

Recently revealed on Pokémon Smash TV Show in Japan was new footage of battles, fishing, surfing and more. The last bits of news we received were the releases of new monsters, which is fantastic because that’s what fans want to see.

In this video we watch the hosts’ reactions to what’s happening on-screen. The player runs into a wild Fletchling and everybody is so excited. Froakie is sent out to deal some damage and the trainer successfully catches the new bird Pokémon. In the next shot, they are exploring the coastline. With the power and graphics of the 3DS, the water’s movement along the shore is more realistic than ever. The trainer uses a fishing pole to reel in a familiar Pokémon — Octillery. Everyone is clapping and shouting for this Gold and Silver veteran. Here, we get to witness Honedge and its creepy, sneaky attack before Octillery is also captured. After this the trainer reaches a grassy area and we get to see a first in the series. No more are there only four directions to walk, with the 3DS analog stick allowing you to walk all over the place. The final footage of the video shows Honedge again battling against Inkay, the new squid-like Pokémon. It is also captured.

It may not have seem like much to the average Pokémon fan, but to the hardcore folks it’s a big deal. The new 3D world and sprites are going to make this more of an adventure than a game. Also, another Pokémon update: new footage for the anime was also shown. We get to meet the starter Pokémon and there are some surprising bodily functions.