Persona 3 the Movie #1: Spring of Birth Set to Debut This November

Persona 3 the Movie #1: Spring of Birth has finally gotten a release date in Japan, and it’s not too far off! On November 23, Eastern audiences will get their chance to watch Persona 3 come to life on the silver screen. Pre-orders for opening night will go on sale August 10, offering various bundles and bonuses for folks willing to plunk down the cash three months early. In addition to the announcement, a second promotional video was released (which can be peeped below) along with new character designs and a piece of art (also below).

For those wondering, the wonderful song accompanying the new trailer is Yumi Kawamura’s, “More Than One Heart,” and is sure to be stuck in pre-conscious minds across the globe, forever to repeat itself at the most inopportune times in one’s head. Nevertheless, it was also unveiled that Kazuya Nakai, of Gintama and One Piece fame, will play Shinjirō Aragaki, a friend of Akihiko and Mitsuru’s who left the school and Iwatodai dorm for mysterious reasons of which no one knows.

In case news has eluded you, Persona 3 the Movie’s story goes something like this: there is a hidden time commonly dubbed the “Dark Hour” that exists between one day and the next. During this time, it’s said that all movement in the town stops and terrible creatures called Shadows roam the streets. At the start of the film a group of high school students in the city of Iwatodai charge into the Dark Hour in an effort to slay the so-called Shadows and explore the mysterious tower of Tartarus. The troupe brandishes weapons called Evokers, which are ultimately employed to summon Personas.

Needless to say, Spring of Birth is shaping up to be one hell of a Persona ride. Here’s hoping it delivers on being as awesome and it sounds.