Princess Mononoke Blu-ray Outed on Twitter

It was earlier today that a Tweet from Studio Ghibli’s International Twitter broke revealing that the studio was working on the subtitles of an unannounced Blu Ray release of the beloved classic Princess Mononoke. Although this news probably won’t come as much of a surprise to fans, seeing as Ghibli has been working through their line of titles and releasing them on Blu Ray for some time now, it’s no less exciting to receive one of the most coveted anime feature films of all time in blazing high-definition.

What’s interesting about the whole ordeal is how long it’s taken the studio to release the film in HD, despite being one of their more successful pieces. The truth is, the film was so strong that it even managed to garner quite a reaction from movie-goers here in North America when it was given a limited theatrical run back in 1997. The significance in that is at that time anime had yet to catch fire in the West; thus, it goes to show just how accomplished a film Mononoke was and is, if it was able to adapt so well to an overseas, largely unfamiliar American audience.

Nevertheless, as it stands now, this is certainly a fan-favorite and a film that many Ghibli-heads have been hotly anticipating. Though an official confirmation hasn’t been coughed up yet, we can all probably expect some sort of news in the coming weeks.

So keep an ear to the ground and check back often as we drop the news just as quickly as we hear it.