South Park: The Stick of Truth Was Too Big, Too Long, and Too Uncut

As first reported by Polygon, both Trey Parker and Matt Stone sat down to discuss their upcoming game South Park: The Stick of Truth at Comic-Con last week. While they had lots of interesting stuff to say about the game, perhaps the most interesting tidbit concerned parts that aren’t actually in it. It seems the guys got writing a script for a game confused with writing a script for an entire season of South Park and went a little overboard with the whole thing. According to Parker, the first draft was over 850 pages, contained nearly every character from South Park, and presumably would have filled a game the length that would have made Skyrim blush. Jokingly, they stated that Obsidian would have planed to release the game sometime during the holiday season of 2032.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait that long as they managed to trim the script down to the essentials, leaving much of the original scope of the game on the cutting room floor. Hey, but all that extra content is pretty much perfect for DLC, right? I’m sure they could at least package together some of the best bits and have a really solid DLC package. Right, guys?

“…everyone kept saying to us [make that extra content] DLC” — drawing jeers from the crowd — “and I agree… fuck that.”

Or not, I guess. Maybe I just don’t have the same aversion to DLC that other gamers do, but to me this is bad news. I’m against bad DLC, like on-disc DLC or insignificant little add-ons like alternate skins. However, I think games like Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV have shown that DLC or expansions aren’t inherently bad. It sounds like both Parker and Stone were committed to making some really strong content for the game, and some of the good stuff got cut out simply because of time constraints. In fact, the stuff was so good that they do want to incorporate a lot of it — into their show. While they can do whatever they want with their content, it seems somewhat disappointing that we are missing out on some quality stuff just because some gamers immediately assume all DLC is bad.