Winner of Fan-Made Achievement Contest For Fable Anniversary Announced

Earlier this month, Lionhead Studios announced the opportunity for a fan to come up with their own achievement to get worked into the upcoming remake of the original Fable that will be appearing on Xbox 360. A panel of judges from Lionhead Studios had narrowed it down to five finalists and then those five were sent out to be voted on by the community. There was a ton of stuff to do in Fable, and with all the options I’m totally sure the community was able to come up with something interesting for the winner.


…well that’s disappointing. This wasn’t particularly clever or original, but hey it included a pop culture reference so hooray I guess. For winning, Khaos Archangel will get his achievement into the actual game, and also receive a t-shirt, a copy of the game, and his name in the credits. A pretty nifty prize, even if it was a totally undeserving winner and no I’m not just bitter because Farticus didn’t win.

Seriously though, Farticus was robbed.