Full Mojo Rampage Could be the Next Great Rogue-like

From the developers of the indie hit, The Fancy Pants Adventures, comes a top down rogue-like shooter with a little bit of voodoo sprinkled in. Complete with the permadeath and level randomization mechanic that defines rogue-likes, comes the charming Full Mojo Rampage.

I had the privilege to play a few hours with the alpha version and came away, for the most part, pleased. The game plays very similar to a more expansive version of Binding of Isaac, but instead of using a keyboard to shoot projectiles, players utilize a mouse. The magic shooting feels very smooth and intuitive. The pace of the combat is fairly fast and, at times, can turn into a bullet hell very quickly.

Of course like any modern rogue-like there is some persistence in the game. Players unlock pins to put in their voodoo to increase their firing rate, movement speed and other aspects. One two pins can be used at a time, but the main unlock that will make the game a whole new experience is the deity you choose to worship.


Looks tough, but he isn’t that hard.

Each of the gods give players unique attacks that are only available to that particular deity. Some of them are setting up tiki heads that shoot projectiles, while others are setting up traps for monsters to run into. Mobs drop loot that can be either be one time use or equipped to increase the character’s strength as they make it deeper into the game. It seems a little clunky to have only four items able to be held at once, which could be improved by making consumables and equipables separate, but this can be changed as it is an alpha.

The art style is really gorgeous. All of the models, animations and spell particle effects are bright and whimsical, which really aids to the games coherent overall aesthetic. But while it looks pretty, I sometimes found it hard to keep focused on all of the projectiles around me. One of the features of the game is that it will allow four player co-op so that friends can help to see how far down one will be able to travel in this rogue-like. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to find anyone at the moment playing the beta to team up with, but this feature isn’t readily seen in any other rogue-likes. I’m sure it will be chaos.


Who knew witchcraft could be so cute?

It’s hard to tell the amount of time one will be able to spend playing this game. The depth of rogue-likes are hard to gauge until one puts many hours into it. Only one quest is available for the alpha with more planned to come and it’s not known exactly what the other quests will change in terms of gameplay. As of now the only objective is to find the exit and go deeper into the quest, which is fine, but it would be nice to be able to do something different every once in awhile.  Alas, the foundation of Full Mojo Rampage is solid. Once it gets polished up and expanded a little more, I can see this independent rogue-like becoming a hit.

The Full Mojo Rampage alpha is available by pre-ordering the full game for PC on the developer’s website for $20.