Are You a Ghost or Panther in Splinter Cell Blacklist?

Ubisoft has been advertising the next Splinter Cell to have a whole slew of options. Whether you want to play stealthy or action packed, Blacklist has something for you. In their latest trailer, they show you how you can transition on the fly between three different mentalities: ghost, panther and assault. Ghost is playing it non-lethal and undetected while assault is getting into firefights. Panther on the other hand is a breed of the two, allowing you take down enemies with speed while no one is the wiser.

This has to be Splinter Cell Blacklist’s 20th trailer, and while it’s great to see more  of Sam Fisher, I don’t want Ubisoft to spoil the entire game. Splinter Cell Blacklist will be on store shelves August 20 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC.