Beatbuddy’s Dynamic Soundtrack Revealed

Beatbuddy, the latest music-driven game to feature tracks from established artists, has today had its soundtrack revealed. The underwater action-adventure game will contain six levels interwoven with the following tracks:

•    Austin Wintory – “Stingin’ Swing”
•    Parov Stelar – “Beatbuddy Swing”
•    La Rochelle Band – “You’re the One”
•    Sabrepulse – “Love Swing”
•    Curtis Newton – “I’m Your Star”
•    Europa Deep – “Lost In Yesterday”

Besides Parov Stela and Austin Wintoy, the soundtrack is predominately comprised of unknowns, so it’s hard to gauge the overall quality and mood until we get our hands on the game. Austin Wintory, of course, is the Grammy nominated composer behind flOw and Journey, while Parov Stelar is making his game debut with his track “Beatbuddy Swing.” If the soundtrack is half as awesome as Catgroove, this could be something special.

Beatbuddy is due out August 6 on Steam for $14.99.