Did Phil Fish Really Just Cancel FEZ II?

Polytron co-founder Phil Fish hasn’t had the best time since the release of his highly acclaimed game “FEZ”. While the game was met with great success, and is almost universally loved, Fish has been under attack by various individuals for some semi-off-comments he made both in the film “Indie Game: The Movie” and on his Twitter page and in various interviews. And today, he’s said he’s had enough.┬áBoth Phil’s official Twitter page and the official Polytron twitter, and web page have posts stating the cancellation of FEZ II, a sequel that was announced through the official Polytron website during E3. As much as it pains me to say it: it seems that the cancellation is official.





I can only hope that by “Goodbye” Phil meant he was going to be off twitter. I hope he doesn’t do anything regrettable. I feel it’s pretty unfair, the attacks people have made on him. He made some comments during a very tense part of his life, and has been taking flak for them ever since. As a fan of both FEZ and his appearance in Indie Game: The Movie, I hope the very best for Phil. And maybe, once (if) Phil is ready, we’ll see another game developed by him. He’s one of the most talented indie devs out there, it’d be a shame for him to leave the industry entirely.