Free! Figure and Other Merchandise Announced

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club may have just begun airing in July, but it already has a massive fanbase. Fans from around the world have come together to enjoy a series all about swimming, friendship and incredibly muscular teenagers. The male fanservice plays a huge part in what has made the show so appealing to many and as such there is a ton of merchandise in the works.

The most exciting of the upcoming goods ┬áis the announcement of a figure of Free! protagonist Haruka Nanase. This figure is a collaboration between Hobby Stock and Alter. The 1/8th scale PVC figure will come prepainted and cast its brooding eyes from shelves everywhere soon enough. Hopefully we’ll see a release date, pricing and picture of the finished figure in the near future.

Fans who need something tangible now can instead swoon over keychains, iPhone covers and pens which are all set to arrive before the end of the month. These goodies feature all the men of the series: Haruka Nanase, Nagisa Hazuki, Rei Ryuugazaki as well as Rin Matsuoka. Of course, the Free! merchandise onslaught has only just begun. We will see more in the form of t-shirts, towels and even whistles before the end of the year.