If You Don’t Like the Killer is Dead Trailers, There is Something Wrong With You

Do you have any idea how hard it is to out-weird the earlier Killer is Dead trailers? The last one featured an almost nude man wearing what can only be described as a golden bedazzled body thong and showed battles with giant ant monsters on an environment that looked like demonic Candyland. Grasshopper Manufacture has the same dedication to crazy that most companies have towards making games, which is weird because they still have time to put out some excellent games on top of all that crazy. Still though, after seeing the last couple trailers I thought they couldn’t possibly stuff any more weird into them. The weirdness is at maximum capacity, and they were about as crazy as you could possibly make something.

Luckily, “can you make this more crazy” is a challenge that Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture never fail at. They put out a brand new trailer for Killer is Dead this week, and it is equal parts amazingly crazy and crazily amazing. Giant fluorescent unicorns? Check. Weird sequence featuring a door that isn’t attached to anything being cut through by a sword? Double check. Terrifying screams that will haunt your dreams seemingly for no reason? Yup. The whole trailer just captures this weird artsy yet campy vibe, and it is so difficult not to be interested in a game that is throwing so much weirdness at you. We also get another peak at the combat, which looks slick, quick, and highly stylized and there really isn’t any time in the entire trailer when there isn’t something utterly amazing on the screen.


There is just so much I love about the entire thing, but the highlight for me is something we’ve already seen a couple times. I don’t care how many trailers they put it in though, the guy with an astronaut helmet but a normal suit just walking around on the moon LIKE A BOSS is one of the best things ever. Take that, rules of anatomy and physics! It just looks so incredibly, amazingly strange that you can’t not love it. It’s impossible to see this trailer and not want to run out immediately and buy all the copies. Plus, I’m pretty sure I just got a Halloween costume for this year. Classy astronaut wants to know if you’re wearing space pants, ladies. Because I can see myself wearing them. On a trip to the moon, to complement my astronaut helmet of course.

…I think that’s how the line goes anyway.


Regardless of your terrible pick-up line of choice, the collection of trailers that has been put out for Killer is Dead is absolutely amazing. If you haven’t yet, go watch every single one of them now. Right now. Not back to back, however, because if it is physically possible to overdose on crazy this is absolutely the one way you could do it. I have a hard time coming up with a bad thing to say about any one of them. Even if you hate brawlers and never got into any of Suda 51’s games before, you have to admit that these trailers at the very least look interesting. The game looks wildly original and pants on your arms, screaming at clouds crazy, and these trailers have done an excellent job at capturing both of those things. Although, this may be less “marketing genius” and more “there is no way to show any part of this game and NOT look crazy” but either way, Killer is Dead looks like something to be excited for.