MDickie’s Wrestling Revolution Hits OUYA

MDickie‘s games have polarized PC wrestling game players for many years now, but his work has never seen a console release until now. The OUYA release supports the controller fairly well and is certainly not for everyone. The gameplay is sim-ish in the sense that there are injuries and you can do moves on anything to anyone, and swap between any character you want to in real-time – including the referee. However, the cartoonish animations can make it difficult to take the action seriously, so it’s perhaps best to view this as a parody of pro wrestling to some degree.

The in-game roster is enormous, and features people inspired by dozens of modern-day and past wrestling personalities. The game is free-to-try, while $5 gets you everything you could possibly want as far as modes go, and you can pretty much do whatever you want with the roster including changing their names and movesets to be more accurate. This kind of game even being out on a console is surprisingly, but pleasantly so.