What’s Happening to Beyond: Two Souls?

Over Comic Con weekend there were a flood of games that were finally able to be played by the public. One of these games was Beyond: Two Souls made by the same company as Heavy Rain. Not sure if this is the best game to show off to the public and it isn’t a traditional game by any means. Maybe it’s because Ellen Page alone might sell the game once the public sees her in it? Not sure, but it was there and I can’t exactly say that people were excited to play it.

Visually, the game looks decent. After seeing The Last of Us, the motion capture isn’t as impressive as that game, but it is still solid. The level I was in (which was set in Somalia), however, wasn’t visually interesting at all. The textures were very low and there seemed to be a lot of jagged edges on most of the models. This would not be a problem in most games, but considering the game is like Heavy Rain, where it relies on cinematic moments constantly, it’s distracting.

Considering the game is like Heavy Rain, where it relies on cinematic moments constantly, the low textures are distracting.

The gameplay is similar to Heavy Rain, where you are in direct control of the character and interact with objects around the world.  Even the combat is done this way, which was a weird disconnect considering the amount of action in the demo that I played. Left trigger to peak and then right to shoot. It’s like constantly playing a quick time sequence. The one part that is actual gameplay is the time when you take control of the Aiden, the soul that hangs out with Ellen, and roam around the level taking over people’s minds and choking them to death. It’s okay, but nothing amazing. Also I have no idea why this is happening, which brings me too my biggest concern.

The story.

So Heavy Rain wasn’t the best playing game, but that was fine because that is not what it was going for. Instead it was trying to tell an interactive story that was for the most part a success. In my brief time with Beyond: Two Souls, I learned literally nothing about what is going on. All I know is that Ellen Page’s character was saved by a little boy and that there is something weird going on with a third character that is a soul? I am not sure. Although I feel that demos aren’t exactly a good place to experience stories, it’s hard to know how the story will pan out when the full game comes out.

Regardless, I can’t say I am excited about Beyond: Two Souls. It’s yet to prove itself.  Before passing judgement, it will be necessary to get our hands on the game to see how the story unfolds. Ithas the potential to be pretty great given the developer’s track record, but so far, gameplay-wise, it’s nothing impressive.