Action Arcade Wrestling 2 Released on Xbox Live Marketplace

AAW 2 has been unleashed! For $3, you can get the newest installment in the indie wrestling series that originally hit the 360 a couple of years ago for a mere dollar. That move wound up garnering the game some goodwill, while the sequel adds so much more content and features a revolutionary editing tool that allows you to get far more for your money than before.

The original game was very rough around the edges, but you could see potential in the game engine. It was functional, but a lot of things just looked unrealistic. Now, the animations have been made much smoother with some — like the Diamond Cutter looking better than what you see in WWE’s current games. Like the Day of Reckoning games on the GameCube, you’re able to add items to your character like Wolverine-style claws. CAW mode is easy to use and allows you to preview moves seamlessly. For $3, it’s impossible to not get that much out of it.