Nintendo Adds Earthbound Announcement Community to Miiverse

People love Earthbound. Although the Mother sequel was released to small enough fanfare in the United States to ensure that we never saw a Mother game again, Earthbound refused to die. If anything, the cult classic RPG has grown in popularity to become a name recognized by all but the most casual gamers. Nintendo took notice of this and finally added the classic SNES RPG to the Virtual Console a few weeks ago to the excitement of many fans. Perhaps this excitement has encouraged Nintendo to pursue the license, as they’ve just opened an Earthbound community in the Miiverse.

Dubbed the “Onett Times,” (Onett is the hometown in the game) the community states it is “Your official source for the latest EarthBound news and information. Posting is restricted to Nintendo representatives, but feel free to add your own comments.”

While this could simply be to support the recent VC Earthbound release, the fanfare suggests there could be more Mother in store for us yet. Mother 3, anybody?