PS Store Update Goes Live

This week’s PS Store update has gone live and brings Cloudberry Kingdom to platforming fans for $10. Narco Terror is a twin-sticked shooter for $10, while The Last Bounty Hunter, an old FMV game is available for $8. The Vita actually gets some games in the form of Pixeljunk Monsters: Ultimate HD for $15 and Puzzle by Nikoli V Slitherlink for $5. ¬†Fatal Frame II gets a rerelease and PTO IV hit the PS2 Classics section.

The Unfinished Swan and Journey bundle is also live, while Dokuro is a Plus freebie and Max Payne 3 gets massive discounts. The base game is $8 while the ultimate edition is $12 – given the additional content there, it’s the best version to pick up. Narco Terror and The Last Bounty Hunter get demos.¬†Defiance gets a massive price drop from $50 down to $10, which is shockingly quick for a permanent price drop, while the deluxe edition will only set you back $30. Battlefield 3 Premium is $33 instead of 450 as well, although that is a temporary price drop.