And Now You Can Buy Evangelion Underwear — Yes, We Have Photos

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “would the private areas of my lower-half look good covered in Asuka’s face,” then A. you should consult a therapist and B. this latest bit of Evangelion news will surely brighten your day. The official Evangelion Store in Japan will soon offer its patrons eva-themed undies with the faces of their favorite characters on them. These garments will come in a variety of types and feature multiple characters from the series, ensuring to meet the “diverse” needs of whoever these things are marketed to.

While we applaud the genius that came up with this idea, for their dedication to selling yet another product from the coveted franchise, we have to wonder who exactly OK’d these specific designs. What could have possibly been interesting apparel items have ultimately come off as ugly as sin, and are about the farthest thing from sexy we can think of. Nevertheless, we know there are some fans out there who are just frothing at the mouth to get their grubby little mitts on these bad boys. So go ahead and take a look for yourself. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, though.