Kingdom Hearts II Omnibus Released in North America

Fans of the critically acclaimed video game franchise, that led to a subsequent manga and numerous other spin-offs, can now get their paws on the Kingdom Hearts II Volume 1 omnibus that was released today in the United States. With that, North American readers finally have the chance follow Sora, Donald and Goofy on yet another Disney-themed adventure filled with all the magic, wackiness and peril for which the series is known.

This new story follows the original Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, taking place in a little spot called Twilight Town — which wouldn’t you know it, sits somewhere between day and night. The narrative sees a young boy named Roxas enjoying the last bit of his summer vacation with his three friends. In no time, Roxas starts to encounter dreams about another boy — our beloved Sora —  even though Roxas and Sora have never before met. Roxas eventually sets out to find this mysterious boy he keeps having dreams about, thus initiating his excursion. Along the way, I’m sure he’ll encounter a bunch of dalmatians, some Final Fantasy characters and probably some evil-doer who’s hellbent on destroying the world. Now here’s just hoping that ole’ Jimmity Cricket makes a cameo.