Turn Your 3DS into a Lab with Pokémon Tretta

You’ve always wanted Pokémon to be real. Unfortunately, that will never happen–but here’s the closest we’ll get for now. Pokémon Tretta is an interactive game that gives your 3DS another purpose. The game was first arcade only but is coming to the 3DS in Japan on August 8.


Based on information gathered from a recently released video, Tretta is a novelty fit for the craziest Pokémaniacs. You start by obtaining the entire set which comes with a fitted stand, three Tretta tiles and a code to download the actual game. You receive tiles which can be inserted into the apparatus and it downloads that Pokémon to your game. With it you can engage in battles, check stats and type advantages and search for new Pokémon. Remember collecting all those Pokémon cards back in the day? Well, it’s basically the same thing but with tiles. Each set comes with three random tiles — the video shows Lucario, Eevee and Mewtwo (which seem pretty specific…Lucario replaced Mewtwo in Smash Bros. and there’s new importance to both Mewtwo and Eevee with the upcoming Pokémon X and Y…very interesting). There is no link to Pokemon Black and White. This game does not have anything to do with any games already available.


At a predicted price of around $38 USD, you get all the equipment necessary to start your Tretta game. Right now it’s only in Japan and you can even visit machines in arcades and stores to learn more about some of the Pokémon. No word on any American release. If there is, it will most likely be available in toy sections of department stores because the Pokémon culture is drastically different in each country. But hey, if you plan on visiting the far east and want to check it out make sure to pre-order now so you’ll get a free Pichu tile. Happy Pokémoning!