Black Jack Coming to DVD Thanks to Anime Sols Funders

Anime-focused crowdfunding site Anime Sols is on a roll! First they managed succeed in their goal of bringing Magical Angel Creamy Mami to DVD, and now they’ve done it again! This time around it’s Tezuka Production’s Black Jack that will be seeing a DVD release.

Anime Sols had put the cost of producing DVDs at a rather pricey $22,000. Despite running the campaign for weeks, it almost looked like the project wouldn’t make it. The project ended today with 230 fans pulling together to raise $23,480 mere hours before the funding period closed!

The anime first aired in 2004 and was based off of legendary Osamu Tezuka’s manga of the same name. Over a span of 61 episodes, viewers fell in love with Black Jack and adorable sidekick Pinoko, all the while being thrilled by the medical drama. If you missed the series, then soon enough Black Jack will be available on DVD both to funders and retail shoppers.