Experience a Free Acid Trip on the OUYA

The OUYA’s free-to-try model has made it an easy way to check things out you otherwise wouldn’t, but hasn’t resulted in a lot of free-to-play games. Thankfully, Smithereens Games have added to the system’s F2P lineup with Acid Trip. It’s a psychadelic experience where you go through a brightly-colored cylinder trying to avoid hitting the gates. It’s a simple premise, but an addictive one that will have you striving for a higher score each time.

The visuals remind me a lot of the PS1 sleeper hit (also available on the PSN store now) N2O, only this lacks any kind of shooting mechanic. Dyad’s another more recent title that used this same kind of style, and it works nicely in AT. Everything looks good, minus the seams showing when you reach a certain point. The club soundtrack fits the name and crazy visuals really well too, and if you’re looking for something new to enjoy on the OUYA, this could easily be it. For free, there’s no reason to avoid giving it a fair shake.