Indie Royale Starry Night Bundle Launched

A new work week is upon us and with that comes the desire to do less work and more gaming. The Indie Royale Starry Nights bundle gives you a mix of games for about $5 presently. Sword of the Stars is a top-down Legend of Zelda-style game, while Bientot lete appears to be some sort of adventure game. Tower Wars is a 3D tower defense game, while Sentinel is a colorful puzzle game. QRTH-PHYL is a 3D Qix-style game. If you’d like the Project 2012 album from Ser Flash, that will only cost you $3 beyond the base cost of the bundle itself.¬†Everything but Sentinel and QRTH-PHYL unlocks on Steam, while the first two games are also available on Desura. For $5, there’s a fairly diverse lineup of games here and the album is pretty addictive as well.