Braid Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary Today

Not only is Braid five years old today, but it turns out it also shares a birthday with Secret of Mana. Fitting, as it’s just as influential. Released on August 6, 2008 for XBLA (hard to believe it’s been that long), the game was self-funded by designer Johnathan Blow and kicked off the modern day indie trend that continues today. Braid combines aspects of the platform genre with time manipulation to create a very unique experience — especially for its time. While the game was devastatingly short, it was critically acclaimed and won numerous accolades.

Braid was immortalized in Indie Game: The Movie and has influenced multiple developers. So happy birthday, Braid. Not only are you a great game, but without you we wouldn’t have the likes of Hotline Miami, Super Hexagon or Journey. And that’s quite an accomplishment for a five-year-old.