Gundam Wing Gets an HD Facelift, Blu-ray Box Announced

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is one of our absolute favorites in the franchise. In fact, we loved the show so much that it single-handedly dominated our social lives in the late 90s. Because of the success Wing achieved, however, the show has returned once again, but this time in beautiful high-definition. Every Sunday at 7pm, a 30-minute selection of the show is being aired on BS 11 in Japan. This endeavor is part of Anime Plus’ “Gundam G History” series, and is in a time slot exclusively dedicated to highlighting all things Mobile Suit.

As mentioned, though, the broadcasting of the show isn’t the only news here; the fact that two Blu-ray boxes have also been announced should be enough to perk up the ears of adoring fans. The first of these sets will release on November 22, with the second going live on January 29 of next year. Hajime Katoki, best known for his mecha design work on the franchise, is said to be illustrating the the two-in-one box art, while Yoshihito Hishinuma and Iwao Teraoka take care of the single-box illustrations. In addition, the inner jackets will be handled by famed mechanical animation director Masanori Shino alongside New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop illustrator Sakura Asagi.

At this time, there’s been zero talk of bringing Wing HD to North America. But considering its popularity here in the states, it wouldn’t surprise us if it landed on store shelves sometime next year.