PS Store Update Goes Live

We already know of Hitman: Absolution being a freebie for + users, but there are some other interesting bargains to be had this week as well. Every Rayman game on the service is on sale, while the brand-new Superfrog brings cross-buy platforming to the PS3 and Vita for $8 instead of $10. Escapevektor gives Vita owners a Qix-like game for $4, while Wicked Monsters Blast is only $1. God Mode gets a blistering-fast price drop to $5, while Caste Crashers is down to $7.50 from $15. Permanent price drops include F1 Race Stars for $30, Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed for $30, and a Papo & Yo OST bundle for $17. Sound Shapes celebrates one year on PSN with a 50% sale on seemingly everything. The core game itself is down to $7.50, while additional content is either 50 cents or in the case of an avatar pack, free. New releases include Dragon’s Crown for $60 on the PS3 and $40 on the Vita, and Tales of Xillia for $51, while  pre-orders include Splinter Cell Blacklist at $60 and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified for $54. ibb & obb hits PSN for $10, as does the PS2 Classic The Red Star.