Secret of Mana Celebrates its 20th Anniversary Today

Twenty years ago today on August 6, 1993, Squaresoft released Secret of Mana. The second game in the series overall, Secret of Mana was its SNES debut and first to carry the “Mana” name, as the first game was titled “Final Fantasy Adventure” to capitalize on that series’ immense popularity. Considered one of the best RPGs of all time, Secret of Mana had a unique battle system that mixed traditional turn-based elements with more action-packed real-time ones. The game featured bright, colorful graphics that were not often seen on the console and proved to be one of its best-looking games. Of course, the classic music score by Hiroki Kikuta only made the game that more memorable.

Secret of Mana was incredibly influential on RPGs in the 90s and has since been released on Virtual Console and iOS. So happy birthday, Secret of Mana. The best present Square could give it would be to release another Mana.

Right, Square?