New Wii U App for the Artist of the House

With the technology present for the 3DS, drawing on the go has changed since the days where you needed a piece of paper and large hardback book to take for a long car ride. Now, there are several art applications to download and try out. The stylus makes for an excellent paint brush substitute and a replacement for desktop drawing tablets is on its way and it’s in the form of a beautiful, expert-level masterpiece app for the Wii U.


It’s called Art Academy: SketchPad and was created by Headstrong Games. Based on some Japanese postings, the skills these people have is only amplified by using it. The app offers an array of vibrant colors with colored pencils, pastels and more. It won’t take a DaVinci or van Gogh to figure this out as anyone can easily pick it up. Because of the advancements with the Wii U, all drawings will be shown off in the highest quality. After completing your masterpiece, you can post it to the Miiverse for everyone to see.


Headstrong’s previous titles include a Call of Duty and Battalion Wars entry. This art game is quite distant from those shoot ’em ups, but they did release the first Art Academy for the DS in 2009. But they haven’t lost that artist’s eye for detail or magic touch. The app is already available in Japan on the Nintendo eShop and will be available in North America on August 9. Enjoy the above works of art in the meantime.