“Clueless Gamer” Conan O’Brien Plays Atari Games Without Nostalgia Glasses On

You have to wonder how many of these Conan can do and still be considered “clueless.” At this point he is more of a “casual” gamer than a true clueless one, but the results are excellent nonetheless. While Conan had spent most of the previous segments playing recent releases, this time they gave him some of the classics from the Atari library to play. He ended up…well, I think “disappointed” is putting it lightly. At one point he bemoans this may be the worst day in his life, and this is the same guy that publically was outed from NBC because they thought Jay Leno was funnier.

The booklets smell like Stevie Nix, the console looks like a George Foreman grill, and the games look terrible. Remember, this was from the era when the artwork on the instruction manual was always infinitely more exciting than what was actually going on in the game. Conan plays through Missile Command, Pitfall, E.T., and several others. Who would’ve guessed that Atari games don’t hold up well if you don’t already have fond memories of them? The good news is Space Invaders is still awesome, but any kid with a graphing calculator could’ve told you that.