Did Some Older Pokémon Just Receive an Evolution?

Kind of…sort of. Introducing “Mega Evolution,” it seems a bit like Digimon because we know how complex those can get. These new forms have only been shown off for a select few; Blaziken, Lucario, Ampharos, Mawile and Absol. There’s no real word on what exactly is going on except they’re all looking pretty hardcore. Like, you thought Lucario was formidable before as a Fighting/Steel Pokémon with its powerful attacks and pointy spikes, but now look at it! He’s got dreadlocks and even more spikes. These forms seem to have obtained new abilities than their normal counterparts.

Okay, so before, we mentioned DNA playing a pivotal role in the new X and Y games. These new Pokémon forms are very genetically altered. It’s confirmed that the new Mawile looking is a Steel/Fairy-type and Ampharos has changed to Electric/Dragon. It all seems likely there will be some moment in the game where these forms will come into play whether it be battle or through the held item called Mega Stone. I mean, that sounds pretty legit. Either way there may be changes to each of the other Pokémon, perhaps they will change types as well. Also revealed was a gym leader who holds the key to understanding the “Mega Evolution,” so we’ll have to talk to her later.


But wait there’s more! We even got to see a couple of new Pokémon that has nothing to do with those fancy new formations. Meekuru is the baby form of Gogoat, it’s just a cute little kid. There’s a Normal-type, grey bunny named Horubii and it is called the Digging Pokémon. The last one is your standard generation’s Electric-type rodent, Dedenne, the Antenna Pokémon. But it’s also Fairy-type, so that’s cute. Both have the abilities Pick Up and a new one called Cheek Pouches. With all this new info we need to let sink in, it’s a good thing Pokémon X and Y aren’t coming out until October. Less than two months away and still so many secrets.