Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Coming to US and UK Audiences

Enthusiasts of emphatic finger pointing and awesome games had some very good news coming out of the latest Nintendo Direct. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright is finally receiving a release outside of Japan and it has an anticipated release date of sometime next year. Both of these series have hardcore followings from their excellent DS series, and the crossover had generated a lot of buzz since it was released in Japan last November. Level-5 and Capcom had been evasive about answering if the game would ever receive a release in the US for sometime, and it appeared like Level-5 had already moved on to other projects and Capcom was too busy ruining Breath of Fire. Fortunately, Nintendo stepped up and agreed to publish the title so fans of the series outside of Japan will now have a chance to play it. Expect to be yelling “OBJECTION!” loudly and awkwardly in the middle of public places sometime next year.