Industry Veterans Launch Indie JRPG Kickstarter

Kickstarter has become an interesting place to fund good ideas in a quick manner, and what better way to sell a product than have AAA talent involved with the development process. Japanese indie developer CIA (Creative Intellegince Arts, Inc.) has launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming JRPG, Project Phoenix, and has revealed a talented team of individuals from around the world who are attached to the project. This includes Hiroaki Yura who has been credited on Diablo III and Valkyria Chronicles, Kiyoshi Arai, known for his involvment on Final Fantasy 3, 12 and & 14, famous composer Nobuo Uematsu who has worked on most of the Final Fantasy series and Lost Odyssey, and many others.

Project Phoenix is described as a squad based real-time strategy game that will have strong Japanese RPG influences. You will take control of Ruffles (yes, Ruffles) on a lengthy journey across the world of Azuregard with companions Sylrianah, a curious elven princess, the battlemage Zarum and the paladin Marcus Stern. With beautiful art and a variety of orchestrated music, Project Phoenix should trigger some nostalgia for those who grew up with classic SNES and PlayStation RPGs. Additionally, this will be a single-player experience, but if a specific stretch goal is met, there is the possibility for multi-player and cooperative-based modes.

Project Phoenix will be released around two years from now on PC, Mac and Linux systems via Steam, with iOS and Android versions coming as well. The team is also looking into the PlayStation 4 and “other platforms” but nothing has been set in stone. CIA is only asking for $100,000 to make this happen, a number that will most likely be exceeded relatively quickly, but hopefully some of their stretch goals are met, as well. This has exponential potential but it’s up to the player to support this. If you have fond memories of old school JRPGs, fund this now!