First BlazBlue Alter Memory Trailer Released

It’d be a shame if you’re one of those people who never played the wonderful fighting series from Arc Systems Work, BlazeBlue. Not only is it one of the sleekest 2D fighters of this generation, but its incorporation of a strong storyline and incredibly deep campaign mode make it a must-play title for fighting game fans. The truth is, though, BlazBlue already felt like an anime — its style, characters and emphasis on plot made it a game that straddled mediums, being part visual novel and part brawler. So, when Arc announced that a BlazBlue anime was in the works, it made people sit up in their chair.

The sad part of all this is, we have only read about BlazBlue Alter Memory thus far and not actually laid eyes on it. Thankfully, however, that has changed today as the first trailer for the adaptation has dropped. There’s all sorts of goodness happening in the short montage, and longtime loyalists will certainly appreciate the level of detail animators have scribbled out.

BlazBlue Alter Memory is based on the original story of Calamity Trigger. The narrative is said to focus on the dynamic between Jin Kisaragi and Ragna the Bloodedge, in addition to the various other characters synonymous with the franchise. Meaning to say, it sounds like the whole cast is showing up for the series. Coincidentally enough, the show is set to air this coming October — the very same month that BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma is set to release on PlayStation 3.