Capcom Has No Plans to Bring Street Fighter to Wii U

Nintendo hasn’t been a notable part of the fighting game community for a long time (even in the days of the SNES, with the whole Mortal Kombat debacle) and it looks like things might stay that way for the Wii U. Street Fighter Producer Yosinori Ono took to Twitter today in response to a fan’s question of “Will we see any SF for other fans on the wii u?” stating “We apologize that we don’t have plan about it at this moment. [sic]”

While plans certainly change, it’s disheartening as a Wii U owner and Street Fighter fan to know that we won’t soon see a beautiful melding of the two. Hopefully this is last of the “popular game franchise not coming to Wii U’ posts we have to make, as the bleeding is starting to make us a bit woozy.