Thief Cover Art, Release Date and Trailer Revealed

A few months ago we got a glimpse of the reincarnation to the Thief franchise. After being kept in the dark since its E3 gameplay footage we finally get to see the game’s cover art and a dramatic new trailer. Thief is set in a dystopian world where the wealthy are only rich by stealing from the poor. The townspeople are attempting to fight back but a terrible plague has been spreading. They are dying while the government sweeps them under the rug. A master thief, Garrett, travels to The City in order to exploit the corruption of a tyrannical ruler. It is a retelling of Robin Hood with modern technology, making this story a beautifully entertaining adventure. Its darkness only enhances the plot and art. Here’s the trailer below and it is titled “Uprise”.

Now, for the grand debut of Thief’s box art. Garrett is in the background, only his hand reaching towards the goal. He wants you to immerse yourself in this world and steal the title of “thief”. It is a wonderful image shrouded in a smoky atmosphere. If you have the heart to become the hero those people deserve and the courage to fight corruption, then not even the law will be protected by this criminal. Thief becomes available in late February 2014.