Is This Image Revealing a New Pokémon Game?

We’ve got a mysterious screenshot here that was taken from a video by somebody at the Pokémon Game Show in Japan this week. It’s got Blaziken standing off against Lucario in a street fight looking match. The two just stand there looking like they’re about to duke it out with some Blaze Kicks and Force Palms but the image cuts off before anything happens.

The image is raising a lot of eyebrows and dropping many jaws. Maybe it’s a new Pokémon Stadium type of thing, but fans are hoping for a fighting-style Pokémon game similar to Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. If that’s the plan then it will definitely have to be a Wii U title. However, in my opinion, since both of these Pokémon are featured as “mega evolutions” in the upcoming X and Y, I believe it’s part of a promotional video. I could be wrong, but since we got the mega news a week ago, why would they show it again and in this form? You can check out the video the image came from below. Pikachu is shown running through a collection of Nintendo systems with some Pokémon coming out to see him.