WWE 2K14 30 Years of WrestleMania Roster Revealed

Today, 2K’s Twitch revealed the WM roster. The Rock, Ultimate Warrior, Big Show (Retro), CM Punk (with GTS hoodie), Sgt. Slaughter (Iraqui Sympathiser), Edge (WM 22 attire), Diesel (who names himself after a fossil fuel according to Damien Sandow), The Undertaker, King Kong Bundy, BROCK LESNAR (still with his generic shorts), Chris Jericho (WM X8 attire), Andre The Giant, Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo and his Mexican flag bucket, so you know he’s Mexican), Ted DiBiase Sr. (with silver and purple suit), Cena from WM 21, HBK, Ricky Steamboat in his WM III getup, HHH (looking super-jacked), Big John Studd, Ric Flair with his WM VIII robe, Stone Cold Steve Austin (whose podcast was given a nice shill), and finally Hulk Hogan (who Sandow demanded the fans boo). Damien declared that Ric Flair’s robe looked like a Christmas tree, while his was fashion meets form. Howard Finkel will be doing the ring announcing, while all WM arenas will be replicated. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler will be doing all of the commentary for the WM mode.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Kane (Retro, with mask), Randy Orton (with his Strike First shirt), Undertaker (with purple getup), Shawn Michaels (with terrible blonde hair), Razor Ramon (making his first WWE game appearance in a decade), Big Show (current), HHH (current, with short hair), Brock Lesnar (with no chest tattoo), JBL (with PS2-level limo), Bret Hart (with his WM VIII pink gear), Chris Jericho (current), The Rock (Retro), Mick Foley, The Miz (with grey and white gear and Haters Love Me shirt), Batista (returning after a one-gear absence in the games, Yokozuna (making a very rare gaming appearance, John Cena (with yellow and blue shirt), Randy Savage (with sweet purple and green Macho Man robe), Ric Flair (with his epic WM 24 robe) , and Goldberg (with his WWE gear). Damien Sandow is greatly offended over his name not being called. Ric Flair came out confront Damien, who ordered them to silence Ric’s theme.

They’re arguing, and have tremendous chemistry together. Now they’re having a WOO/SILENCE! off. Sandow is now rapping. Amazing. Ric is now burying Mr. Sandow’s fine suit. Ric is inviting him to kiss one of his two Hall of Fame rings. This was tremendous. TMZ announced that Darren Young will be in the game, so they didn’t do the complete roster reveal. The game launches on October 29 throughout North America, and November 1 internationally. Per-ordering gets you the Ultimate Warrior, and they’re hyping up that the game lets you have dream matches like Goldberg-Austin, Austin-Hogan, or Taker-Anyone. Ric’s favorite WM moment was his saddest – when he had to retire after WM 24.

Flair said to forget Hogan, Warrior, Savage, the number 1 thing is that TO BE THE MAN, YOU’VE GOT TO BEAT THE MAN! Then he sang a song about chicks leaving their panties in the corner after a night with him. Well, that was a terrifying mental image. King just said that this was just the WM roster reveal, which is a tad odd since they’ve got it listed as the roster reveal, not just the WM roster reveal. Well, that’s still a damn good roster.