Indie Royale Prairie Dog Bundle Released

The Indie Royale bundle has returned with an offering of five games for a bit under $5. That gets you Retrovirus, Signal Ops, Zack Zero, Vox, and Sol Survivor. A bonus game will be unlocked at some point in the future, and if you spend $8, you get the Lost Floppies Vol. 2 album. Retrovirus is a gorgeous FPS with a ton of colors, while Signal Ops is a squad-based FPS. Zack Zero is a horribly generic 2.5D platformer with clunky mechanics that you may be tempted to buy because it’s also on consoles, but it isn’t worth your time or money on any format.  Vox appears to be a mix of the 3D Legend of Zelda games and Minecraft, while Sol Survivor is a turret-defense game. For $5, there appears to be some decent stuff in here, but nothing that strikes me as making this an absolute must-buy bundle. Everything in the bundle unlocks on Desura, while all but Vox and Signal Ops activate on Steam as well.