Binding of Isaac Rebirth Gets An Absolutely Terrifying Trailer

The Binding of Isaac was an excellent randomly generated rouge-like title that was released on Steam way back in 2011. It was tons of fun, and also all sorts of creepy. You played as a child that was trying to avoid being murdered at the hands of his mother by fighting his way through his monster filled basement with nothing but his own tears. Not exactly a feel good adventure for the whole family, or any part of the family, or anyone at all ever. Earlier this year, it was announced that work was being done on an enhanced remake of the game, titled The Binding of Isaac Rebirth.

Today, we got a teaser trailer for the upcoming remake, and wow does it do an amazing job capturing a level of creepiness that I’m not even sure is legal to put on Youtube. Dead eyed dolls cry at each other, and you hear his mother’s call of “Isaaaaaaaaac” right before she shows up and stomps you to death. I’m not sure this trailer is really going to get anyone hyped for the game, unless hype has some sort of alternate meaning I’m not aware of along the lines of “crying in a corner and pleading for it to go away.” Still, the original was so good that anyone who played most likely has already been eagerly anticipating this for a while now, regardless of how many terrifying trailers they put out. This enhanced, definitive remake will be available sometime in 2014 for Steam, PS4, and the PS Vita.