Dragon Age Inquisition coming Fall 2014

There’s a lot to be excited about with Gamescom 2013 going on, but few games tickle my fancy as much as Dragon Age: Inquisition. With Origins being the delightful surprise it was when it launched back in 2009, and Dragon Age II being a massive disappointment in nearly every aspect the first succeeded in, there’s a lot hanging on Inquisition. BioWare and EA just released a development diary, and things are looking quite promising. Many of the expected changes made it through, with some new interesting additions.

Here’s what we know so far: Freedom has become more of an emphasis, with BioWare stating that choices you make throughout the game will have more meaningful and impactful effects. As an Inquisitor, you’re also the controlling power, so the story will depend on your decisions as you send your forces to fight the demonic evil invading your realm.

No more are the tight spaces and boring locales of Dragon Age II, as the world of Inquisition is more varied and much, much larger in size, there’s more to do and see than ever before. We can’t say whether it’ll be the revolutionary role-playing experience we hoped it would become with the second, but the new entry is definitely shaping up to become everything it was with Origins, and a lot of what it should have been with Dragon Age II.