Ouya Releases Quite Possibly The Worst Commercial Ever

Ouya has had it rough lately. After exploding the internet and being touted as a “revolution in gaming” by many media outlets a year ago, the console was met with a decidedly indifferent reaction at launch. Making matters worse was their showing at this year’s E3, which turned out to actually be in E3’s parking lot. Dubbed “Ouya Park,” it was a shipping crate with some playable consoles and lawn chairs set up around it. The ESA tried to shut it down and even rented semi trucks to block the view of it, although that didn’t stop people from coming over for some free food and beer. But to actually play the thing? That’s unclear.

Next in the series of gaffs is a horribly misguided commercial for the console. Earlier this year, we opined that Konami released the worst commercial ever, but quite frankly, this has that beat. The thirty-second spot features a hideous caricature of a man sitting in his underwear in a blue-lit room crying over spending $60 on a repetitive video game. This leads to vomiting for an extended period of time and then ripping out his spinal cord and beating himself to death with it. The commercial ends with “Stop wasting cash on crappy games.” before showing the Ouya and touting that games are free to try.

Not only is the animation unpleasant and the voice-over work horrendous, but it’s discomforting to watch and associates the Ouya with grotesque imagery. The most inexplicable part is that they’re seemingly advertising towards the exact person they’re portraying as a crime against nature.

The best part about the whole thing is that while some may question if this was just for publicity, Ouya quickly removed it from their channel after it sparked a wave of negative comments, clearly embarrassed by it. We have the full thing below thanks to Wario64. Watch at your own risk.